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Empowering People to Take Control of Their Lives 

Rekindling The Spirit (RTS) is an Aboriginal Counselling and Group Therapy Service.

Located at:

25 Uralba Street, Lismore, 2480

Phone: 02 6622 5534


RTS Senior Counsellor Greg Telford guides a team of female and male RTS counsellors specialising in:


Women's and Men's Group Therapies:

Women's group meet every Wednesday 11am – 2.30pm

Men's group meet every Monday at 11.am -2.30pm

In the RTS group room at 25 Uralba Street Lismore.

Both of these groups run for 12 weeks and topics covered include:

  • What is Violence and abusive behaviour.
  • The impacts of violence on self, partner, children, extended family & community.
  • Self-awareness and emotional regulation (anger).
  • Time Out and other methods to avoid violence.
  • Intimacy, building trust and listening skills.
  • Self-awareness of thoughts (stinking thinking, entitlement).
  • Beliefs and ethics, Steps to change (manageable goal setting).
  • Listening and responding.
  • Parenting and child development.


Counselling for Men and Women

  • Counselling is available Monday to Thursday and is an ideal opportunity to go deeper into the topics discussed in group and to explore other avenues of healing and self-improvement and empowerment.


 Stolen Generation Support Group

  • This is a self-support group that meets monthly to give members of the Stolen Generation and their family the opportunity to come together and explore and share stories about their experiences. Also to discuss and where possible reconnect with Aboriginal culture and country, to assist in the process of discovering their identity and sense of belonging.


Enhancing the capacity and confidence of people to engage with mainstream services, undertake work related training and enter the workforce.

  • RTS allows clients access and assistance to use Computers, Phone, Fax, Copier, Printer and the normal array of office equipment from 8.30 to 4.30 Monday to Thursday, to complete and lodge forms (Centrelink, housing etc.), access their email accounts, apply for work, develop resume’s, contact potential employers and training/education organisations (anything to do with education, work, social and emotional wellbeing). Information, advice and referrals to a wide range of services and welfare/charity organisations is also available.


Facilitating Shared Medical Appointments

  • Shared medical Appointment are a recent innovation that gives RTS clients access to a facilitated extended appointment with a General Practitioner, these sessions are bulkbilled. The process is facilitated by a RTS counsellor or other qualified health worker, there is a group discussion prior to the Doctors involvement, during this discussions participants are encouraged to nominate health issues that they wish to discuss, these issues are then grouped and prioritised so that the Doctor can address each item. This allows for a range of illnesses or health issues to be discussed at length instead of the standard 15 minute consult.