Jeff Richardson - Rekindling the Spirit Counsellor

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I’m Jeff Richardson a Rekindling the Spirit Counsellor, I have a passionate interest in the Stolen Generation and in working with people that have survived the trauma of being forcibly removed from family and country. My background is in health and social and emotional wellbeing as an Aboriginal Health Worker and Counsellor.

I am 63 years of age and have survived the rigours of growing up as a man of mixed race and have experienced the dilemma of trying to sort out just where I fit into this world “too black to be white, too white to be black, too yellow to be white, too white to be yellow” I found happiness and contentment when I ACCEPTED ME and learned to respect and love myself. Perhaps I can be of assistance to you, I would love to hear from you.

Rekindling the Spirit “Empowering People to Take Control of their Lives”