Dwayne O’Connor - Rekindling the Spirit Counsellor


Hey I’m Dwayne O’Connor an RTS counsellor at Rekindling The Spirit. I am a proud Aboriginal man from Barkindji land and a guest in the Bundjalung Nation. My background is Drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, paranoia, gambling and family dysfunction just to name a few. I used to live a life of pain and misery, constantly on the grind for some sort of substance to feel normal and to suppress my emotions. I came to a point in my life where nothing was working and I could not do anything right, always making the wrong choices and getting bad results. In my heart I knew what I had to do but had no idea how to do it. At that moment I had to ask for help and make decisions that would allow me to learn a new way of living so I started to change the way I was thinking and doing things. I could only make changes with the help and support of a few different organisations.

I am now qualified and fully employed at RTS with an experienced team who believe in “Empowering people to take control of their lives”. Staff here at Rekindling The Spirit are a skilled team of people that are very passionate about helping people who want to help themselves. If you think this service could help you “help yourself” don’t hesitate to contact us.

For further information please give us a call on 02 662 255 34 or come to our office to have a chat at 25 Urallba Street Lismore

Rekindling the Spirit “Empowering People to Take Control of their Lives”