Sharmaine Keogh - Rekindling the Spirit Counsellor

staff 005Hi I am Sharmaine Keogh, I am part of a dynamic team of Rekindling the Spirit Counsellors. My passion lies in reducing ‘Violence and Victimisation’ in the Aboriginal Communities. Violence is presented in all forms in many areas of Society: Besides Domestic/family Violence, which carries its own dynamics, violence is also present in Schools, Workplace, Clubs, and Streets. Then there is secondary and lateral violence, much more subtle, but also impacts on the individual/family,

I believe that the client is the ‘expert’ in their own lives and have the answers/solutions, which might be deeply hidden/supressed under layers of trauma. I believe I have the skills to support you to find the answers. I also believe the way forward or to make changes is to take responsibility for your ‘own thoughts, feelings and behaviours’ before change can happen.

I have been in the Human Resource field for over 20years, in ‘Mainstream and Aboriginal Services’, in that time I have gained experience and developed interdisciplinary knowledge base. Focussing on prevention and maintaining a commitment to improving the overall quality of life for individual/families.

I was born in India to Irish/Portuguese/ Indian heritage, came to Australia from India when I was 13yrs old. My life has not been without tragedy and pain. I feel honoured and privileged to have been accepted by the Aboriginal Community.

My life experience is invaluable to my work and it enables me to understand and feel compassion on a deep level, I believe it also fine-tuned my intuition. However I do have formal education in this field, I have completed a Post Graduate Degree In Aboriginal Studies and Well-being, Associate Diploma in Social Science, Diploma in Counselling and the Rekindling the Spirit Advanced therapeutic Group Leadership and the Marumali Program Training, Accreditation in Strength Based ‘case management’ from Charles Strut University and the Training and Assessment Module. I furthermore trained in Narrative, Gestalt, Expressive art therapy, mental health etc.

Rekindling the Spirit “Empowering People to Take Control of their Lives”